Virginia Rappe on Film

The Danish Film Institute has posted filmographical details and the complete 1919 short His Musical Sneeze, featuring Lloyd Hamilton and Virginia Rappe, with a jaunty score by Ben Model. This is a rare glimpse of Virginia Rappe on film, since very few of the comedies in which she was featured survive. This film is also important as the producer was Rappe's fiance Henry “Pathe” Lehrman. The film is directed by Jack White.
You can view the film (and if you understand Danish, read the titles) here: scroll down, the filmviewer is on the lower right of the page. It can be viewed full screen.

Virginia Rappe is best remembered as the actress who died after Roscoe Arbuckle's 1921 Labor Day party in San Francisco. Joan Myers is currently working on a manuscript about the case and has researched Rappe extensively. See this post for example. Myers' forthcoming book is one I am most anxious to read, the bits I've been privy to have been relevatory, to say the least!


Tinky said…
Fascinating since like most I've ONLY heard of her as the actress who died at the party. The book sounds fascinating; keep us posted, please.

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