The Case of the Vanishing Juror - a New and Long Overdue Look at the Roscoe Arbuckle Trials

Joan Myers has been researching the Roscoe Arbuckle trials for the last 5 or so years. She's uncovered a wealth of information about the case, so much so, this puts serious question to the two previously penned tomes on the subject, David Yallop's The Day the Laughter Stopped and Andy Edmonds Frame Up. A new manuscript in the works and one hopes that after all this time the real truth about that infamous party and the aftermath will finally come out.

You can get a preview of what will be a fascinating book here in Joan's recent blog post at the excellent New Research in the Feminist Media as well as in a recent podcast. Updated here to add a link to another posting from Joan. Man, I can hardly wait for the entire book, this is going to be terrific reading!

Joan also did a Q&A interview with Andre Soares at his Alternative Film Guide and this is also a very interesting and appetite whetting piece.

When Joan's book is published, poor Virgina Rappe whose reputation has been sullied for lo these many decades, might have her day in the court of public opinion, at long last. Unfortunately, she's still dead and really won't care.

Viginia Rappe posing with her beloved puppy Jeff

David Pearson's excellent site on Roscoe Arbuckle can be found here. Everything you want to know, and more.


Mercurie said…
I'll definitely have to get Joan Myers' book when it comes out. The Arbuckle trials have always fascinated, particularly due to the impact they had on Hollywood.
Harlett O'Dowd said…
Good teaser of an interview. Joan barely scratches the surface of what's she's uncovered about early 1920s Hollywood. It's not just that what everyone thought about the Arbucke scandal is wrong - it's that what everyone thought about the industry in general - particularly immediately after the scandal - is wrong.

Waiting anxiously for the full book.
rudyfan1926 said…
Harlett, you and me both!

Happily, Joan has also agreed to do a podcast with me sometime this summer, for the ressurection of Stolen Moments!
Sildenafil said…
I love the style of this woman in the las photo specially because she appears with that beautiful dog, I'd like that my girlfriend wearing like her even though we're living a different age.
J.M. Reed said…
Hi all.

Any word on how Joan is doing with the book and if it is any closer to being released? I'm working on my MFA in poetry and am writing a series of pieces about Virginia for my thesis. I would love to read the book.

Thanks for any information.

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