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The San Francisco Silent Film Festival 2018

It is that time of year again, my favorite time of the year, the San Francisco Silent Film Festival time of the year.The 2018 edition of the festival is chock full of surprises and some fantastic programming.Before you read further, go ahead, buy that festivalpass now.
Let me preface, every year at the close of the festival, I start typing what I call my cranky post, my "what I want to see at the SFSFF" post.The thing is, I never end up posting it.In my heart I know what a lucky duck I am with a terrific film climate in my home town.It seems ungrateful to post a whiny post.After many years of mental whining, The Silent Film Gods were listening because this year three of my ultimate wishes are granted, 4 if you count Kevin Brownlow is coming to town (swoon).We're getting a western, a Constance Talmadge and a Rex Ingram film!We've got some great accompanists lined up.Some fabulous free programming with archivists.My inner geek is very happy always with the Amazing Tal…

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