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Rudolph Valentino in The Eagle (1925) - Swashathon Blogathon

This post is part of the Swashathon hosted by Movies Silently.  A complete line up of fine reading can be found here.

Rudolph Valentino’s final two films under his Paramount contract Monsieur Beaucaire (a swashbuckler of a sort) and A Sainted Devil, were less than successful.  The fans were apathetic and Valentino had seemingly lost his box office mojo.  

With these two films, Valentino’s contractual obligations to Paramount were now completed and he was soon set up to produce his first independent film under the banner of Ritz-Carlton Productions.  Number one on the docket was The Hooded Falcon; the story was penned by his wife, Natacha Rambova. Had this film been made, and survived, it might have been a subject for this blogathon.  

In the summer of 1924 the Valentinos left for a European vacation/shopping trip for props and brocades for the costumes for The Hooded Falcon.  Before departure they left the scenario in the hands of June Mathis for a rewrite. 
Upon their return from Europ…

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