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26th Annual San Francisco Silent Film Festival Recap

  Stantsiya Pupky being introduced The 26th edition of the San Francisco Silent Film Festival was one of the strongest festivals in recent memory. The 2023 program of films was excellent. A good mix of foreign and U.S. silent films each of which was accompanied expertly by a phalanx of great musicians. Attending the festival this year there was an air of melancholy given the status of the much beloved, and last surviving motion picture palace in San Francisco the beautiful Castro Theater . Melancholy though it was, it made this 26th festival all the more meaningful. The opening night film was Douglas Fairbanks last silent film The Iron Mask (1928). It was mostly silent, there were two small talking scenes voiced by the stage-trained veteran Fairbanks. The Guenter Buchwald Ensemble provided the rousing accompaniment to this sequel to Fairbanks' The Three Musketeers (1921). The 1921 film screened at SFSFF in 2017 in a restoration by The Museum of Modern Art. An updated restorati

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