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October Must Mean Horror Films

I will be watching and writing about Lon Chaney in Phantom of the Opera this month.  It will be a seasonal offering and nod to classic horror films.  I will be watching other horror genre films this month, but, not sure how much I will be blogging about them.  I hope to do more than just Phantom.

In the meantime, here is a terrific signed photo of Chaney from the disturbing Tod Browning film (weren't they all sort of disturbing?) The Unknown

Turner Classic Movies has an interesting lineup of films for Halloween, including a huge number of Godzilla films.  I expect they are all the recent restorations for the Criterion Collection massive boxed set spine #1000.  I have my own quibbles about whether Godzilla is horror or sci-fi (I say sci-fi), but, I do not do the programming at TCM. The full TCM schedule for October can be found here.  I suspect I will be watching Haxan, for sure!

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