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Helene D'Algy - Luso World Cinema Blogathon

This is my contribution to the Luso World Cinema Blogathon hosted by Spellbound by Movies.

For Valentino fans Helene (or Helena) D'Algy is remembered as being his leading lady in the lost film from 1924 A Sainted Devil.  The film is lost but for the tiniest fragment of about 10 seconds. Her career is but a blip on the whole of cinema history.  She has been and remains a bit of a mystery woman to many, including me. 

She was born Antonia Lozano Guedes Infante on June 18, 1906.  The first mystery is nailing down where she was born.  It is argued her birth was in either Lisbon, Portugal or Madrid, Spain.  According to her brother Tony D'Algy they were born of a Spanish mother and Portuguese father. Beyond that, nothing absolute has been published that I have seen.  Of course, my research time here has not exactly been long or deep.  Nor have I been searching via Spanish or Portuguese sources.  I'm interested enough to start more digging on her, but, not in time to meet the …

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