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The Tragically Short Life and Career of Dorothy Dell

  Lobby Card for Little Miss Marker    While on a long weekend/mini-break/vacation to LA last month I enjoyed a first viewing of the 1934 film Little Miss Marker . This was a Shirley Temple film that had eluded me all through my childhood (and most of my adulthood) since I cannot remember it ever being in rotation on my local UHF station (google if you are too young to know what a UHF station was). Said station (KBHK) had a weekly Sunday morning line-up of Temple films and Little Rascals shorts to entertain the kids. This programming, no doubt, helped to keep us noisy kids out of parental hair on Sunday mornings.  As an aside, in addition to Temple film, our local UHF showed lots of classic Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, RKO and MGM films to start me on the road to being a real film buff.  In the days long before home video and dvds/blurays early 1930s era Paramount films were rare, if seen at all. In fact, about the only really early Paramount title I recall seeing was  Bolero  with

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