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2020 - The Best of a Bad Year

  If you are reading this post, CONGRATULATIONS!  You have survived the dreadful year that was 2020.  2020 was either a year that was entirely horrible or a year that was merely horrible and still had some wonderful things to remember. Personally, I feel incredibly fortunate in view of all the awfulness from the past year. As moviegoers 2020 was a year in which none of us could enjoy the experience of watching films together as every film festival was canceled. For the record, my last film in the theater was  Emma with work colleagues; I thoroughly enjoyed it and I miss my friends. Originally the plans were to celebrate a certain milestone birthday by making my first trip to Italy and to attend the Le Giornate del Cinema Muto. It was a disappointment when the news came there would be no trip to Italy (or anywhere). Any woes and gripes I might have about 2020 are nothing compared to the real suffering going on around the globe. You might ask what exactly was good in 2020?  Many things

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