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Le Giornate del Cinema Muto - Day 3

  I can scarcely believe the festival is 3 days in! Tempus fugit! I am still suffering from jet lag, majorly so. Dragged my sorry self to the first program of actualities Film Coloniali Olandesi/Dutch Colonial Films. Staying awake for these travelogues was a struggle, TBH. I soldiered on and made it, with the help from the excellent accompaniment of Jose Maria Serralde Ruiz. My brain is pretty fuzzy about what I saw, more horses at a stud farm, I found myself wondering how the poor animals survived the heat and humidity.  The Riscoperte/Rediscoveries was another program of Norma Talmadge. The Pathe-Baby film that preceded was Japan of Today (1918). It made me wish this film had been in color to show off all the flags and kimonos.  The first film was something different from the printed catalogue which was an errata printed twice. Memories in Men’s Souls (1914) was screened. Norma ages in this one from dark haired young lady to white haired lady.  Costarring a young Antonio Moreno! The

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