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Le Giornate del Cinema Muto - Day 2

I barely managed to crawl out of my bed, jet-lagged to the extreme. My body clock has no idea of the time, it does know it wants more sleep. Was late getting to the Verdi and was a bit further back than normal. Still, was just fine. The day began with more Norma Talmadge. The 1913 Just Show Folks was a tale of an acrobatic wife (high diving into a net) and her drunkard and oaffish husband who is a clown. Enter in a creepy acrobat who seems to have the hots for Norma and once she rebuffs him, he tries to kill her via an accident with the net. A Lady and Her Maid was an unpleasant comedy about a lady who is no beauty and her maid (Norma with a blacked out tooth and Pippi Longstocking wired braids) getting makeovers. Not my meat, this one. Father’s Hatband (1913) had Norma and her boyfriend exchanging notes via the inner hatband of her father’s topper. Messages go awry when at the barber Dad grabs the wrong hat. The other customer has troubles once his wife finds the note for an evening a

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