Le Giornate del Cinema Muto - Day 1


I arrived in Pordenone after a long day/night of flying. Not to mention a huge bit of walking through Frankfurt Airport to catch my connecting flight. Gate Z58 to gate B9 (then changed to gate B12). Whew, in that case I was happy I did check my bag. I arrived at Venice/Marco Polo, walked over to baggage claim, in a good omen surely, my bag was the 3rd one out! Met my driver and made it to my hotel in a light rain. I felt like I had just come home.

The special screening in Sacile was left by the wayside (it screens at the Verdi on Thursday). Instead, I fell into bed for a catnap and a blissful hot shower before dinner with my best pal. First pizza of the trip, a classic margarita and it was divine with a bottle of aqua frizzante. A quick, well maybe not so quick, walk to the gelateria next to the Teatro Verdi. This location, last year, was the only one I found that had zucca (pumpkin with crystalized ginger) and so went my first gelato of the festival.

Back home, a few updates on social media, check in on how my kitty Miss Tango is doing (so far seems to not be missing me) and falling into bed.

October 1, official start with Pathe Baby rarities and Lon Chaney. Go in the morning to pick up my festival pass and goodie bag. 

Movies = 0

Gelato = 1


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