Robert Osborne - Goodnight Sweet Prince

If you are movie buff like me, today is a very melancholy day with the passing of Robert Osborne.  The face and voice of Turner Classic Movies (TCM) for 20 years.  He was an actor, author, and an utter encyclopedia of knowledge about film.  Not only film, he knew virtually everyone. 

Handsome, charming, ingratiating, warm, friendly, a true gentleman, he was a welcome presence in our home on television since TCM was first available to us.  He has been off the air for the last several years, I always wished he would be coming back. 

I love TCM, but, without Robert O, it will really never be quite the same.  Sleep well kind man, we loved you more than we could say and will miss you.  Thank you for being a teacher and lover of film. 


Tinky said…
Well put. He was always knowledgeable and always a gentleman.
Susan said…
Thank you for your tribute to Mr. Osborne. He was the heart & soul of TCM~

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