Way Down East - A Worthy Cause

I was alerted to a very worthy cause this week, that of the restoration of what could well be the sole existing copy of the American 6-sheet poster for D.W. Griffith's 1920 film Way Down East.   This wonderful poster shows the iconic image of the rescue of Lillian Gish prone on an ice floe with Richard Barthelmess about the pluck her off the ice and to safety. 

This poster is owned by the George Eastman House in Rochester which was acquired by the legendary James Card in the 1950s.  The poster is sorely in need of conservation and restoration.  The total funds needed is a modest $2800 (balance on a total cost of $4600 to restore this huge poster).  Every penny helps to preserve something I consider to be a real work of art. 

To read all about the poster, see more photos of it in the present condition and learn what is needed for restoration and to (I hope) kick in $5 (or more) for the cause, please visit the donation page here.  Every penny counts and I know they will appreciate any donation you can give.


Tinky said…
It's great to know about this. I'm having a little trouble donating, but I'll keep trying. (I'm SO un-internet friendly!)

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