Rudolph Valentino - In Memoriam 2015

Valentino in costume as Monsieur Le Blanc in The Eagle

This coming weekend will be the 89th annual memorial service to pay tribute to Rudolph Valentino.  Held every year at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, August 23rd, at 12:10 pm (to be nitpicky, in California time it should be 9:10 am since Valentino passed in NY at 12:10 Eastern). It falls on a Sunday this year and if you plan to go, get there a little early to reserve your seat, it will probably be crowded.  The service is a free event, as is the parking. 

Every year that the memorial is held, a particular facet of Rudolph Valentino's life and career are highlighted.  This year is the 90th anniversary of his film The Eagle and that will be the keynote piece.  Rare Valentino memoriabilia is always on display, and this year is no exception.

If you like Rudolph Valentino and enjoying meeting other like-minded people, do yourself a favor an go, it's a nice tribute to a great star of the silent era.  


Tinky said…
I will think of him at 12:10 EASTERN time. I'm a nitpicker, too.

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