The Joys of Kickstarter

I'm a Backer! 

I've backed several projects (film and non film) related via Kickstarter.  From electronic cat toys Get Shru, MiniMuseums, Tower Records Documentary, Bronies! The Musical Soundtrack and Alice Guy-Blance, I am a big fan of crowdfunding.  Not only does it help people do cool and fabulous things, you get cool and fabulous things in return for your kickstarter bucks!

Case in point, Ben Model has done several kickstarters and his latest bringing back to life the artistry of Marcel Perez (yes, I backed it) is just one of the cool things. You can buy the very cool Marcel Perez dvd (including the fabulous book by comedy author and all around good guy know it all, Steve Massa) here at amazon.  Go on, do it now! (How many times can I say cool, btw?)

I HOPE that Ben's next project will allow me to help back the work of the unjustly forgotten and always hilarious Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Drew.  HOPE HOPE HOPE!

There is another really fabulous project needing funding, KINO/LORBER is producing Pioneers of African American Cinema.  To view the video please visit their kickstarter page.  I'm a backer!  Wouldn't you like to be a backer too?

For any of these worthy crowdfunded projects, it does not take major bucks out of your pocket to help them do wonderful things.  Even $5 is money to do good!


Anonymous said…
I missed out on Ben Model's Kickstarter, unfortunately! Thanks for mentioning the Kino/LoC African-American cinema boxset, I didn't know about that one and it looks fantastic.

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