Kickstarter Campaign - SF Historic Balboa Theater - Go Digital or Go Dark

I love the theater, the neighborhood and the programming.  This is a worthy and good cause and I call upon all San Francisco film buffs (even if you do not live in San Francisco) to pony up a few bucks for the campaign.

Most important link, the kickstarter crowdfunding site for the Balboa Theater.  Donate a buck, two or fifty.  It does not matter except we help keep another neighborhood theater alive and running movies. 

Thanks for your help!


The Lady Eve said…
Thanks for the alert. When I lived in the city I saw many films at the Balboa. I'm still in the area and happy to chip in to keep the theater alive. Too many neighborhood theaters have fallen by the wayside over the years.
Page said…
I'm also familiar with this theater. Sad that it is on the verge of closing like so many before it. Hopefully with sites like yours, it will increase the awareness and donations to save it.

A worthy cause. Thanks for the link to donate. I'll do what I can and keep us updated on how the Balboa Theater fares.


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