The Gish Sisters Blogathon - September 7-9 2013

September 9 will mark the 101st anniversary of Lillian & Dorothy Gish's motion picture debut. To celebrate the careers of these two remarkable women,  Movies Silently and The Motion Pictures are hosting a blogathon.  This event will take place September 7-September 9, 2013. We invite you to join us in honoring the careers of Lillian and Dorothy.  The blogathon is open to all bloggers who wish to participate.
Needless to say, I'm 100% in for this and will write about Dorothy.  I've already covered Dorothy's 1916 film Gretchen the Greenhorn and for the blogathon I plan on posting at least one tribute post for Dorothy and also a review of her 1926 film Nell Gwyn.  More if I am feeling ambitious. 

On the back burner, it seems perpetually, is my manuscript covering Dorothy's life and career.  I've not posted much, but feel it's worth linking to my little chronicle of finding Dorothy here.  Someday I will actually update it and someday, God willing, Dorothy will have a proper biography out from behind Lillian's big shadow at long last.


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