On the Bedside Table - STILL

Proposed Cover Art

I'm really excited to announce the forthcoming publication of STILL: American Silent Motion Picture Photography by Davis S. Shields.  David's wonderful website devoted to the art of Broadway photography/portraits and the artistry of  the studios and indivudual photographers has long been a source of great information for me.  It was at this site I first learned of David's manuscript for STILL.  I have been patiently waiting for this book for many years and am happy to report, this wish will soon be granted.  You can read more about the book at the University of Chicago Press website.  You can preorder it at amazon, too!
During my Valentino research, David very generously allowed me to read some of his chapters and I can attest, this book will not only be stunningly gorgeous to look at, it's going to be a gorgeous read, too.  May 2013 will not come fast enough for me!


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