The Mary Pickford Institute Fund Raiser - April 16, 2012

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A few weeks back there was much hoopla in the news about saving historic buildings that were being demolished on The Lot (former UA, Pickford-Fairbanks Studio).  Sadly, that effort was really too little, too late as the permits for that demolition had been signed off on years ago.

There is a much more critical emergency with the Mary Pickford Institute and their loss of funding from the Mary Pickford Foundation.  The Mary Pickford Foundation recently appointed a new Director of Archive and Legacy.  Both sides are gearing up for a legal battle that does not look to be pretty.

The Mary Pickford Institute and Library are fighting for their identity and their life right now.  You can help firstly by signing the petition.  Secondly, if you are in the Los Angeles area, attend the screening advertised above.  Help show your support and go see the films and see what a delightful and talented actor Mary Pickford was. 

It's a very sad thing.  To me, much more tragic than the loss of some old buildings long ago earmarked for demolition.  The Mary Pickford Institute has provided great service to the life and legacy of Mary Pickford.  I hope they prevail.

In conjunction with the Mary Pickford Foundation and Mary Pickford Institute, Milestone Films has released several of Mary Pickford's classic silent films on DVD.  Some films will be soming to blu-ray later this year, for which I'm really excited. Please note in the link to the blu-ray the price you see is not for the home dvd market, that is for institutional/educational.  Don't be alarmed, home viewing is much more budget friendly!


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