Rudolph Valentino The Silent Idol

The month of May birthday celebration for Mr. Rudolph Valentino sort of ended before it began and died without so much as a whimper from me. Insert sad cheese face here. No slight to the divine Mr. Valentino was intended.

My time and energy over the last several weeks has been sucked up in getting the last details of Rudolph Valentino The Silent Idol - His Life in Photographs finished and the book uploaded for publication. It's amazing how the little niggly details and corrections/changes/additions are huge time suckers. At the end of the day, it was all for the greater good and the book has finally been put to bed.

I'm pleased, a little proud and very humble to be able to announce the publication of my tribute to Rudolph Valentino.

The widget from blurb keeps crashing blogger, so the link above will take you to the preview.

I had originally planned, hoped and struggled to have the book live during the birthday month of May. A little late and I hope worth the wait in the end.

I will be back to regularly scheduled posts shortly. All I can say right now is I am ecstatic to have this project behind me and am anxiously awaiting my own copy to hit the mailbox so I can hold it in my hands.


Tinky said…
Congratulations, Donna! And of course there's no shame in self-promotion. I'm waiting to get paid for a couple of articles, and then I'm buying one of these babies!

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