Favorite Photo of the Week #23

Oliver Norville Hardy

What can I possible say about Oliver Hardy that has not been said already?  His beaming moon face crowned by a bowler hat is as iconic as Groucho Marx's painted mustache.

Today, January 18, 2018 is his birth anniversary.  Hardy played just about everything in silent films before being partnered with Stan Laurel, villains, comic foils, buffoons.  He is recognizable in each role but is best remembered in his partnership with Laurel. 

Their partnership spanned the silent and talkie era.  They performed live on stage and did some radio and, I believe, a little television.  I confess I am not much of a slapstick fan, but, Laurel and Hardy just kill me dead every time. 


Caftan Woman said…
I don't recall ever seeing that picture of the handsome young character actor before. What a treat!

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