Holiday Shopping Guide 2017

Okay, let me get this out first, ymmv this is my list (some of which are on my very own list).

There are many DVDs, books and other related items that I do not list. 

1. If you are a sports fan, then the perfect gift is The Criterion Collection's huge boxed set covering 100 years of the Olympics on film.  Do read what is in this massive set on the Criterion page.  It lists for a whopping $320, but, if you hurry, you can get a deal by buying it on amazon.  Amazingly, the Blu-ray is cheaper than the conventional DVDS.

2. Michael Curtiz a Life on Film by Alan K. Rode.  I adore Curtiz, I think he is one of the most unsung directors of the golden age of Hollywood.  He was a company man for Warner Brothers, take a look see at his IMDB listing and tell me you are not impressed with his body of work?  This book is on my own Xmas list! Amazon link here.

3. Another book on my wish list is, The Man Who Made the Movies: The Meteoric Rise and Tragic Fall of William Fox by Vanda Krefft.  The buzz on this (as well as the Curtiz book above) is really very good.  If it were Rotten Tomatoes, it would be 100% fresh.  Amazon link is here.                                                                   

4. Grace Kelly Hollywood Dream Girl by Jay Jorgenson and Manoah Bowman will be a visual feast. With over 400 images, I have no doubt this will be a beauty. Another one on my wish list, I promise I have been very good this year!   You can purchase it on amazon.

5. My good friend Thomas Gladysz, founder of the Louise Brooks Society, manages to find even the most obscure reference to LB and makes it interesting.  He published two excellent books this year and contributed commentary to the DVD/Blu-Ray release of Beggars of Life.  His first is a companion book for Beggars of Life, that I previously reviewed.  The second book (which I just picked up this week) is the companion volume for the film Now We're in the Air.  If you love Louise Brooks, and really, who doesn't?  These are 3 perfect gifts for the fan of Brooksie.

6. Speaking of Louise Brooks, the completist simply must have this excellent volume added to their library Pamela Hutchinson's book on Pandora's Box.  Probably Brooks' single most famous film, arguably.  While it is listed on amazon in the US for $29, it can be had direct from the BFI, as well.

7. One of the coolest DVDs to come out in 2017 was the Kickstarter project (I backed this gladly) for When Knighthood was in Flower starring Marion Davies.  Davies is going through a renaissance right now, and I am very happy about that! Ben Model of Undercrank Productions was the kickstarter for this, he scored the film beautifully, the booklet is written by Lara Fowler (blogs at Backlots) and she is currently researching and writing the book that will be the bio on Marion Davies. Amazon link for the DVD is here.  If you are interested in Marion's silent film career, Edward Lorusso has published a book on her films, The Silent Films of Marion Davies.  Lorusso has also kickstarted some of Marion's films, look for them on amazon, too! 

8. Another silent star gets a much deserved bio this year.  Sherri Snyder penned Barbara LaMarr the Girl Who was Too Beautiful.  Sherri blogs here.  I have not yet purchased her book, but, I am very much looking forward to it.  La Marr was noted to be a vampish actress.  Her legend was sealed by the awful chapter in Hollywood Babylon, she deserves a new evaluation.  This book is it!  Amazon link for the book is here.

9. Let me be very very very shameless here. My book Rudolph Valentino the Silent Idol is back in print and available on amazon. Truth be told, it never went out of print, but, my publisher blurb did not have any kind of distribution deal.  That and people seem to have a hard time finding the book.  Hopefully the new amazon link will help with that.  You have 2 options, the HB Imagewrap edition on amazon or the softcover on blurb.  I've had nothing but good feedback on the book in the 7 years since I published it.  So, if you have a Valentino fan in the family, this is a perfect gift!

10. While I am being shameless, there is still the 2018 edition of the Valentino calendar!  $15 from  But, do not forget to check their front page as there is usually a 20-30% discount code to use. The calendar will be retired January 15th.


Such a great Christmas to be a classic and silent movie fan! I must confess I've bought some of the items on your list for myself, though. Is it bad I couldn't wait for friends or family to do so? ;-)

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