Happy New Year 2018 - Blogging Manifesto

June Mathis at her desk circa 1920
(one of the most powerful women in Hollywood)
No, I am not talking about a unibomber type of manifesto.  I need to refresh, renew and recommit to regular blogging for 2018.  2017 was a year of major distraction and one of unfulfilled blogging promises.  I did not watch enough movies, nor did I write about many of them.

I pledge in 2018 to post my regular short features Favorite Photo of the Week and Artistry of the Credit Roll.  This is an easy out because they really do take almost no time, they're fun.  More importantly, I want to focus on 2 lengthy blog posts a month on a film, a director, star, cameraman and the like.  I need to broaden my mind and get back to studying and researching.

Valentino demonstrating the art of plating pasta

I also want to get back to my Dining with the Stars thread.  Pretty sad I only did one entry, back in 2010 when it seemed I had more time and fire in the belly.  I hope to remedy this.  Now, this will not be an all out cooking extravaganza, I cannot best Fritzi Kramer over at Movies Silently with her Cooking with the (Silent) Stars through the Photoplay Cookbooks.  But, I am a food lover, enjoy the cooking archeology and the association of food and movies.  I like food and I like movies, so there.

Lastly, I need to get caught up on book reviews!  I have received, bought and stockpiled dozens of books which are worthy of my and your time, IMO.  Just need to get down to refreshing my memory of them and posting about them.

On top of the to-be read pile

In between all these lofty goals, I am still working my day job.  I am also still finalizing the new second edition of Rudolph Valentino the Silent Idol.  This slowed down and was pushed back because I found I was having to re-edit every single image for the new book (that is 400+ photos people).  I am projecting this to be ready for final upload in springtime, in April.  Final publication in time for Valentino's 123rd birth anniversary.  I am still researching The Films of Rudolph Valentino and commit to writing it in 2018, 1 day at a time.  If I do not write every day, it will never get done.  Why am I in a hurry?  I have Dorothy Gish research sitting on the back burner too.   Too many pots on my virtual stove.  But, I need to keep them all bubbling as it gives me pleasure to do the research and I enjoy the writing bits.

Finally, there is the long overdue, never updated, rinky dink rudolph-valentino.com website to overhaul.  I have LOTS of content to add there.  Gosh, if only I did not have a day job!

So, we start out with the blog, 2 posts a month for 2018 can't be too hard!  Along with some fun other things having to do with my love of old Hollywood photos, I can do it.  I hope you will join me.

Happy New Year, may 2018 be a better year for us all!


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