Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde at the Alamo Drafthouse (San Francisco) - June 19th

Nita Naldi and John Barrymore
on one of the original posters
The Alamo Drafthouse - New Mission in San Francisco will be screening Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on June 19th with musical accompaniment by The Invincble Czars (from Austin, Texas).  Buy your tickets here.

This 1920 film is a landmark of silent horror cinema and a tour de force for Barrymore who transformed himself from the quiet Dr. Jekyll into the terrifying Mr. Hyde with no make-up.  It is a great spectacle to see.  You also get to see my favorite future vamp of cinema Nita Naldi in this film.  Do not miss this if you can avoid it!

A sample of the Invincible Czars can be heard supporting Nosferatu in this clip.


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