Am I Blue? No, I am writing!

I have been irregular at posting here in the best of times.  Now this is not the worst of times, to be sure.  But, I have finally started writing my second book, tentatively entitled The Films of Rudolph Valentino: A Chronological History.  Gad!  That is boring!  Well, never judge a book by it's title!

I post goodies, tidbits and cool images relating to this book over on the Facebook page if you want to check it out.  Working hard on getting two sample chapters ready to go to authors I trust for comment, edits and suggestion before sending off a pitch.

In any case, it is my sincere hope to be a little more regular in adding content on this blog that is engaging, observant, or simply fun.  Of course, always about films!  I will wander back over here at least once a month to do an in depth post on a film simply because my writing/research on Valentino will cause me to be more like Harold Lloyd below.


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