The Third Man restored and in theaters

One could write an epic poem on the landmark film by Carol Reed The Third Man.  I am not, however, the person to write it.  Today I had a dream fulfilled as a movie buff, I saw this film for the first time ever on the big screen.

Newly restored, the film looks like I have never seen it before, glorious light and shadow.  A beautiful restoration, filled with details I never noticed before.  Seeing it on the big screen (in the crackerbox of Opera Plaza Cinemas in San Francisco), was marvelous.  I attended the first showing, a matinee and was the youngest person in the audience.  Tragically not sold out!   I was still a little bit saddened because this film both epic and intimate really cries out for a larger venue.  Would have been truly glorious from the front row balcony at the Castro or the Paramount in Oakland.  Here is hoping it will be given to royal treatment at one of the classic movie palaces in the future.

The film is presently playing across the U.S. and on the festival circuit and, if it is playing within 100 miles of you, buy a ticket, fill the gas tank and go see it. You will not regret the experience.

Here is the trailer to whet your appetite!

I expect, soon enough, the 4k restoration will also come to blu-ray/dvd and I will be reduced to purchasing, yet again, the latest and great version of this film for home viewing.  I expect it will be a Criterion disc, so keep your eyes peeled.


Tinky said…
Well, not QUITE within 100 miles, but perhaps friends and I can organize some kind of special road trip. It does sound pretty spectacular. And if not, I'll hope for Criterion soon.
Hamlette said…
Oh man, I wish I could make it! That must be amazing on the big screen.

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