Rudolph Valentino Tribute in Song

Rudolph Valentino about to serenade Lila Lee in Blood and Sand

Valentino was not terribly musical as far as we know.  He might have played a bit of piano (though at home his was a player-piano).  He posed with a guitar for Blood and Sand and The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  His musical ability might have been confined to his grace as a dancer, for which he left plenty of good evidence on screen.

Valentino's singing voice is hard to judge, the recordings were made prior to the electrical microphone, so he sang into a horn (like fellow Italian Enrico Caruso).  Valentino laughed off his vocal experiment and moved on.

Valentino did enjoy opera an popular tunes.  His big films had special songs and music written to tie in, and there were numerous songs dedicated or inspired by Valentino.  You can hear many of them, including remasterings of the two recordings Valentino made on the CD, Rudolph Valentino Sings and Others Sing About Him.  It's a really fun CD, btw.

In everyone's life there is a special song, a piece of music that moves them.  Something that remains with them.  This may not be one of those songs, but, I really felt compelled to post it here.

I'm do not mean any disrespect here, this is not my meat of choice, shall we say.  I learned of a song today that I never knew existed.  The song was dedicated to the memory of Rudolph Valentino.  Was it written in 1926?  No!  It was much more contemporary, a song written and performed by country/western performer Freddie Hart.  I have not been able to track down a date when he wrote this song.

Composer and performer Freddie Hart

Valentino!  Valentino!

His name will live forever.
To America he came from a far-away land
and was known among women as a man among men.
His name is recorded in Love's Hall of Fame:
Rudolph Valentino was his name.

He had a technique with women unique so they tell,
for girls of all ages fell under his spell.
 Now that made men jealous, the could not compete,
named him "Casanova of the street."

Valentino!  Valentino!
Famous the whole world over.

Valentino!  Valentino!
His name will live forever.

Well he died but a young man not much overgrown.
Stories were told that he didn't die alone.
'Twas said that some women too their lives that day.
Rudolph Valentino passed away!

So loved was this man throughtout all the world,
he was a legend to every boy and girl.
In New York's Big City his service was held,
mourners by the millions cried "Farewell!"

Valentino!  Valentino!
Famous the whole world over.

Valentino!  Valentino!
His name will live forever.

I confess, the lyrics don't thrill or inspire me.  I won't comment further since country music is not my bag.  Likely this was not a chart topper.  But you can judge for yourself by listening to Freddie Hart's recording here.  He got one thing right, over 100 years later and people are still talking about Rudolph Valentino!

Enjoy your Valentino oddity for the day!


Tinky said…
I must admit that the song doesn't strike me as particularly Valentino-esque, either, but it is entertaining in its way. And certainly unexpected....

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