Rudolph Valentino and His Films

In a bit of shameless self-promotion, I wanted to formally announce the launch of my next book I am referring to as Rudolph Valentino 2.0.  The working title is the oh-so-exciting The Films of Rudolph Valentino: A Chronological History.  I have no doubt that is likely to change as the publication date gets closer.

This book will be the first examination of Rudolph Valentino's career, his films and his impact during the silent era.  He was one of the most magnetic stars of his time.  Given the present fanbase, I'd sad interest in Valentino has hardly waned with the passage of time!

 If you want to keep on top of the progress, please head on over to Facebook and "like" the page for the book updates.  Hopefully, when the time comes, you will be intrigued enough to want to buy it, too!

I won't be posting much about the process and research here as I want to save this spot for other things, like Alfred Hitchcock and films I am seeing outside of all the Rudolph Valentino research. So, consider this an FYI!

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Tinky said…
Well, honestly, if you can't advertise here, where can you? Have fun with this project!

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