RIP Roger Ebert

This is how I first came to know of Roger Ebert, film critic, writer par excellance and incredible human being, Sneak Previews circa 1978 on my local PBS station.  How would I know then it would be the begining of a long journey agreeing, disagreeing and reading some of the most acid, wicked, beautifully crafted, laudatory, personal and wonderful prose ever dedicated to the art of cinema. 

Rest in peace Roger Ebert.  You left us far too soon, you left us with so many wonderful books, articles, thoughts for which I thank you.  You were a brave soul, a wonderful writer, a terrific observer of life and the cinema.  You appreciated film and wrote so eloquently about a subject I love.  I'll had so hoped we'd have you around for a little while longer.  Thanks for everything and say hi to Gene.


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