The Hitchcock Nine Silents - Restored and Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

Lucky ducks (like me) in San Francisco will get a chance to see all of the recently restored (and extant) silent films of Alfred Hitchcock at The Castro Theater presented as a special event by the San Francisco Silent Film Festival.  You can read about the programs and order your tickets here!
It was pointed out to me by a good friend the most wonderful comment from "Freddie" in this blog piece from the New York Times, do check it out!  It's rare in an article that the comments are worth reading, this one most certainly is.  Especially if you sing along!
See you in June!


Page said…
It sounds like a lot of fun! I miss getting to go to the theater in San Fran. (My fav US city.)

I hope you'll give us an update once the event is over.


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