It's Quiz Time!

Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule has posted another quiz, so I feel compelled to give it a go.  ymmv!


1)      The classic movie moment everyone loves except me is:
Beyond the opening tracking shot, Touch of Evil.

2)      Favorite line of dialogue from a film noir
“I wouldn't give you the skin off a grape.” – Tommy Udo in Kiss of Death

3)      Second favorite Hal Ashby film
I guess Shampoo (Harold and Maude is my favorite, natch)

4)      Describe the moment when you first realized movies were directed as opposed to simply pieced together anonymously.
For all the flaws, Intolerance.  In particular The Babylonian sequence and the chase/rescues from The Mother and the Law and all the intercutting between the four stories.

5)      Favorite film book
Kevin Brownlow’s The Parade’s Gone By. (Cue gasps of surprise)

6)      Diana Sands or Vonetta McGee?

7)      Most egregious gap in your viewing of films made in the past 10 years
Mr. Bean’s Holiday? ;-)

8)      Favorite line of dialogue from a comedy
"Why do you have to paint everything so black? Suppose you got hit by a truck. Suppose the stock market crashes. Suppose Mary Pickford divorces Douglas Fairbanks. Suppose the Dodgers leave Brooklyn!" – Some Like it Hot

9)      Second favorite Lloyd Bacon film

Marked Woman.  (Fav is Footlight Parade)

10)   Richard Burton or Roger Livesey?
Hands down, Roger Livesey.

11)   Is there a movie you staunchly refuse to consider seeing? If so, why?
I’ll get roasted over the coals for this, but 90% of silent film slapstick comedies by 3rd rate comedians.  I lack the slapstick gene, I’m sure it’s a boy thing.  I adore Keaton, love Lloyd and some of Chaplin.  Lloyd Hamilton, not so much.  Okay, so that means more than one movie.  My bad.

12)   Favorite filmmaker collaboration
Powell and Pressburger.  Wilder and Brackett and Diamond. Hitchcock and Grant.

13)   Most recently viewed movie on DVD/Blu-ray/theatrical?
Douglas Fairbanks 1924 epic, The Thief of Bagdad (theatrical and home on blu-ray)

14)   Favorite line of dialogue from a horror movie
“Its Alive!  It’s Alive!”

15)   Second favorite Oliver Stone film
The Doors

16)   Eva Mendes or Raquel Welch?
Raquel Welch

17)   Favorite religious satire

Monty Python’s The Life of Brian

18)   Best Internet movie argument? (question contributed by Tom Block)

19)   Most pointless Internet movie argument? (question contributed by Tom Block) 
Best 100 anything to do with film

20)   Charles McGraw or Robert Ryan?
 Robert Ryan

21)   Favorite line of dialogue from a western
I was going to say “Candygram for Mongo,” but really it’s “Shane!  Come Back!”

22)   Second favorite Roy Del Ruth film
The Maltese Falcon (1931)

23)   Relatively unknown film or filmmaker you’d most eagerly proselytize for
Two silents I love that should be better known: The Shakedown from 1929 (William Wyler) or Stella Dallas 1925 (Henry King)

24)   Ewan McGregor or Gerard Butler?
Ewan McGregor

25)   Is there such a thing as a perfect movie?
To me, 1941’s The Maltese Falcon.  Tightly scripted, beautifully cast and acted, gorgeously photographed, good underscoring and not one second too long.  I do not care how many times I’ve seen it, it never fails to please.

26)   Favorite movie location you’ve most recently had the occasion to actually visit
I pass by my favorite location every day on the way to work, all seen in Vertigo, The Fairmont Hotel, The Pacific Union Club and 1000 Mason Street. 

27)   Second favorite Delmer Daves film

Destination Tokyo

28)   Name the one DVD commentary you wish you could hear that, for whatever reason, doesn't actually exist

Charles Laughton on Night of the Hunter.

29)   Gloria Grahame or Marie Windsor?

Tough one!   I’ll go with Gloria Grahame who could go from Sudden Fear to Oklahoma and still delight me.  

30)   Name a filmmaker who never really lived up to the potential suggested by their early acclaim or success

I’ll get killed for this, too.  Francis Ford Coppola.  Well, he lived up to it and then completely obliterated it.  ymmv.

31)   Is there a movie-based disagreement serious enough that it might cause you to reevaluate the  basis of a romantic relationship or a friendship?

Nope, because it’s only a movie.


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