It's Quiz Time X2 - a Guest Post

My good pal Frederica Merrivale (IRL Joan Myers) has also thrown down the gauntlet for the movie quiz, here are her 2 cents.  And regarding her answer to #21, no darling, that's singing, not cheating.

1. The classic movie moment everyone loves except me is:

Most of John Ford’s moments.


2. Favorite line of dialogue from a film noir

                “Baby, I don’t care.”


3. Second favorite Hal Ashby film

                I don’t have a second favorite Hal Ashby film. You get Harold and Maude or you get nothing.


4. Describe the moment when you first realized movies were directed as opposed to simply pieced together anonymously.

                …don’t remember…


5. Favorite film book.

                So many. Today I’ll go with The Keystone Kid, by Coy Watson, Jr.


6. Diana Sands or Vonetta McGee?

                Diana Sands.


7. Most egregious gap in your viewing of films made in the past 10 years

                The Hurt Locker and Slumdog Millionaire.


8. Favorite line of dialogue from a comedy

                “And weave.”


9. Second favorite Lloyd Bacon film

                A Notorious Affair (first is Mary Stevens, MD)


10. Richard Burton or Roger Livesey?

                Roger Livesey.


11. Is there a movie you staunchly refuse to consider seeing? If so, why?

                SHOAH. Just can’t do it.


12. Favorite filmmaker collaboration.

                Kurosawa and Mifune, if you insist I hold it down to one.


13. Most recently viewed movie on DVD/Blu-ray/theatrical?



14. Favorite line of dialogue from a horror movie

                “Yeth, mathter.” 


15. Second favorite Oliver Stone film



16. Eva Mendes or Raquel Welch?

                Probably Welch but it’s not a burning issue.


17. Favorite religious satire

                Life of Brian or Dogma.


18. Best Internet movie argument? (question contributed by Tom Block)

                (Boggle). There is a best in this category?


19. Most pointless Internet movie argument? (question contributed by Tom Block)

Numbered comedians, ranking thereof.


20. Charles McGraw or Robert Ryan?

                Robert Ryan.


21. Favorite line of dialogue from a western.

                “I’m tired. Tired, tired of being admired. Tired of love uninspired Let's face it, I'm tired.” (Is that cheating?)


22. Second favorite Roy Del Ruth film

                Second? That’s so unfair. Oh hell, Employee’s Entrance.


23. Relatively unknown film or filmmaker you’d most eagerly proselytize for.

William Beaudine’s The Canadian. I have been proselytizing for it for years.


24. Ewan McGregor or Gerard Butler?

                Ewan McGregor. But could I have him with Gerard Butler’s abs?


25. Is there such a thing as a perfect movie?

                Absolutely. Now, Voyager.


26. Favorite movie location you’ve most recently had the occasion to actually visit.

                I live in L.A., for heaven’s sake! 


27.  Second favorite Delmer Daves film

                I barely have a first.


28.  Name the one DVD commentary you wish you could hear that, for whatever reason, doesn't actually exist *

                Dana Andrews commenting on Laura.


29. Gloria Grahame or Marie Windsor?

                Gloria Grahame.


30. Name a filmmaker who never really lived up to the potential suggested by their early acclaim or success.

                Henry King.


31)   Is there a movie-based disagreement serious enough that it might cause you to reevaluate the basis of a romantic relationship or a friendship?



Rick29 said…
What a shocking answer to #27! Actually, I'm a big Delmer Daves fan and my answer would probably be 3:10 TO YUMA.

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