Homes of the Stars - Trousdale

I was thinking about classic films of the 1950's and 1960's the other day.  The "Man Men" kind of films like The Best of Everything and Pillow Talk.  They feature strong women in business and they work in offices that are cool, streamlined and their apartments are much the same. 

The Hollywood stars of the era also had some cool, wicked cool homes.  Designed by the higher echelon of architects, many lived in an enclave of Beverly Hills called Trousdale Estates.

The 1930's had Art Deco, the 1950's and 1960's Mid-Century Modern. I do not pretend to have more than a smidgen of real knowledge of this design era, but I know someone who does.  My friend, Steven Price,  is pursuing his dream by working on a history of the elegant Trousdale Estates.  His forthcoming and simply stunning book will be titled Over the Top.  You can visit his website here.  He's also got a FaceBook page that is worth liking to check out the fabulous updates and links to other great architecture in Beverly Hills and old Hollywood.  I cannot wait for this, it's going to be a thrill to have this on the coffee table.

Frank Sinatra's Living Room in Trousdale
(Image: Over the Top FaceBook Page)

I'm hoping that I can persuade Steven to do a guest post on some of the famous Hollywood homes here, watch this space!  This is the roundabout way that I'm asking him!


Tinky said…
I hope he accepts! I can't wait...
RG said…
You can always count on vintage movies. Great blog.

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