Hitchcock Moms - For the Love of Film III

Today begins the 3rd Annual For the Love of Film Blogathon.  Since today is Mother's Day, I could not resist a short post to get the ball rolling with my two favorite Hitchcock Moms.

 Leopoldine Konstantine in the 1946 Notorious. 

Jesse Royce Landis in the 1959 North by Northwest.

The main thing is to get started and get the fundraising going.  A more substantial posting from me will hit the bricks tomorrow.  In the meantime, give and Happy Mother's Day!

For the Love of Film is a fundraising blogathon hosted by The Self-Styled Siren, Ferdy on Films and This Island Rod.  I am honored to be a participant for such a worthy and noble cause.  If you like what you've been reading, or not, please consider making a donation to the NFPF to help reach the goal of making what remains of the 1923 film The White Shadow available for online streaming.  Any amount is a welcome and is tax deductable.  Be it $5, $10, $20 or $100, no amount it too small to help reach the goal of $15,000.  Donate Here


Tinky said…
Great choices. It was so VERY Hollywood for Jessie Royce Landis to play Grant's mother when she was actually his junior. I hope she had fun doing it anyway.....
I admit my own favorite Hitchcock mom is batty Marion Lorne from 'Strangers on a Train,' who thinks there's nothing weird about her son murdering strange women (though she purses her lips at any plots to blow up the White House). And how can any Mother's Day go by without a mention of Mrs Bates (who's just not herself today...)
Joe Thompson said…
Donna: What a great idea for a post on Mothers' Day. I'm glad you included Madame Sebastian. I find her scarier than Mrs Bates.

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