Hitch Pix - For the Love of Film III

Hitch was as much a star as any of the actors in any of his films.  He was canny with publicity and whether he wanted to admit it or not, he was a skilled performer with more than a little ham in him.

Here are some of my favorite pics of Alfred Hitchcock on and off the set.

Let's start with this remarkable (and new to me) series of double exposures of Hitch taken during the filming of Shadow of a Doubt.  Note the rehearsal sequence with a willing Teresa Wright and Hitch stepping in as Uncle Charlie.

In what may be a nod to his days in silent film, Hitch poses with an early camera (the geeks will be able to tell me if this is a Biograph camera or not)

This one is for The Siren

Jimmy Stewart and Hitch on the set. 

Hitch enjoying the end of his lunch

I have to close this with a tribute to Alma Hitchcock.  I truly feel that without Alma, there would have been no Hitchcock, his partner in life, behind the scenes, in the scenarios and scripts and in the kitchen. 

It is clear Alma was not immune to a little spoofing.

Here is Hitch and Alma on their wedding day in 1926.

Hitch and Alma around the time of Family Plot.

While Hitch was truly a genius, I have not a doubt in the world to make such a blanket statement.  Alma was his linchpin, his wingman and she was a very capable and talented in her own right.

Hitch acknowledged her so sweetly when he accepted the AFI Life Achievement Award in 1979.  I think he said it best.

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Tinky said…
He certainly knew how to mug for the camera--and your tribute to Alma is well deserved!

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