Don't be a Psycho! - For the Love of Film III

Okay, it seems everyone is enjoying reading all the fantabulous postings. I certainly know I am. What people are not doing is donating to the worthy cause.  Cue Bernard Hermann's Psycho Soundtrack.

Please, don't be a Psycho! DONATE NOW

How much do you spend when you go to the movies? $14 for your ticket to a 3D film? Add in another $15 or $20 for a large popcorn and a soda? Or do you go out to dinner and a movie? $50 for an evening of entertainment?

Do the math here. $10 will do some real good and on top of that you will get a chance to win some fabulous prizes! For the Love of Film.

Are we not being clear? DONATE NOW

I'm going to shamelessly steal from The Self Styled Siren's blog:

Greetings, writers and friends to film preservation. The Siren's corner of the Web continues today as home page for our blogathon to benefit the National Film Preservation Foundation, For the Love of Film.

This year, as we've been trumpeting for a good long while, our blogathon is raising money for the NFPF's efforts to stream online three reels of the once-lost, now-found 1923 silent movie, The White Shadow. This U.K. melodrama was directed by one Graham Cutts, but it has another hook: It is the first film we have that featured a major contribution from one Alfred Hitchcock. The young Hitchcock, according to his biographers, was assistant director, wrote the title cards, edited, designed the sets, decorated the sets, and just generally worked like crazy learning everything he could about how to make a film. And this training-to-make-films wheeze worked out pretty well, as you know.

The White Shadow has already been preserved and restored, and was screened by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles last fall. The Siren wasn't there, and most of you probably weren't, either. Given the level of historic interest (and artistic interest, too--the good folks at the NFPF say this one's an eyeful), that's a shame. We are in a position to do something about it, though. Our goal: to raise $15,000 so the NFPF can put The White Shadow online for three months, with a recorded score by Michael Mortilla, a man with a long history of composing splendid music for silent films.

This blogathon is about raising dough, so if you have not done so, please click the button to the right and DONATE NOW

Give a little, I promise, it won't hurt!  If you don't give Norman Bates will find you!


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