Rudolph Valentino Birthday Event - May 11th

May 11th is the revised date. Mark your calendars!
The Board of the Hollywood Heritage has invited me to participate in an Evening at the Barn Event to celebrate Rudolph Valentino's 116th birthday.

On the docket from me will be a presentation of rare shots of The Sheik Offscreen and I expect a Q&A session. On display will be some incredible Valentino memorabilia from the collection of my good friend Tracy Terhune ( he's got the best collection of personal, autographed and just some amazing items all related to Valentino. If you are in LA, don't miss this opportunity to see some primo stuff on display.

An abdiged version of Blood and Sand will be screened with Rudolph Valentino and the 88 American Beauties.

I'll have copies of my book Rudolph Valentino the Silent Idol on hand for sale and to be autographed.

Hope to see some LA peeps there, it's going to be a fun evening!


Anonymous said…
Im from so cal and me and my cousin have gotten are hands on a estate sale catalogue and were trying to sell it were not fans I know this is the perfect time to get rid if this do u know any serious collectors I don't do email here's my numbers 734 652 0785 / 714 472 1310 this thing has the origina ticket for the auction with the times and dates and it has the floorplans its pretty good condition I know what I have and its gonna make some fan ecstatic

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