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There is a lot of love for Film Noir judging by the number of incredible postings for the blogathon. It's come to my attention via a FaceBook post that while there is a lot of love for Film Noir, the number of donations are not keeping pace with the number of bloggers. This is a real shame!

Before we get to the simple goodies of this post, let me ask again, plead with you to do your bit and donate $5, $10, $15 or $20 to support the Film Noir Foundation. Even in these economically challenging times a few dimes will save something we can't easily replace. We can't save every single precious frame of film noir, but we can try. I'm a glass half full person, please help!

Please make your donation to support film preservation and the make the gun molls of film noir happy by donating some much needed loot. The paypal link will make you eligible for some grand raffle prizes!

Fundraising blogathon hosted by Ferdy on Films, etc., and The Self-Styled Siren to benefit the Film Noir Foundation. Please do your part, read, enjoy and donate a few bucks.

Believe me and Mr. Marlowe, you do not want Mike Mazurki showing up on your doorstep if you don't donate. He won't be looking for Velma this time.

Okay, now that I've got that off my chest, here's some eye candy for you.

Half Sheet for Nightmare Alley

One Sheet for Nocturne

One Sheet for White Heat

Title Lobby Card for Sudden Fear

Half Sheet for This Gun For Hire

Stone Litho 3-sheet for Dark Passage

Insert for The Maltese Falcon

One Sheet for Johnny O'Clock

Lobby Card for Born to Kill

One Sheet for Murder My Sweet

Half Sheet for The Big Sleep


Tinky said…
I promise I donated!

Great art......

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