Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire

Been scarce around here lately. Between the Valentino memorial in August and Cinecon over Labor Day, I've been a busy person. I will get a Cinecon review up very soon, even though it's been over for a while and might be a bit stale.

I've also decided that I have a second book in me and I've chosen a worthy subject. Worthy to me, at least. The peeps I've querried seem to agree.

The person in question and the subject of my second book will be the young lady on the far left, Dorothy Gish. Dorothy always seems to be lost in her more famous sister Lillian's shadow. The time has come for Dorothy to come out from that shadow and shine on her own.

Since this project differs markedly from Rudolph Valentino: The Silent Idol, I've decided to post on the progress of researching a biography here. Like the Valentino website has done over the year, I am hoping that an online presence for Dorothy will bring some information, good leads, material and just what else, who can say?

As mentioned on this blog before, I like Dorothy and I hope in researching her life I will continue to like her. She seems to have been quite a personality and was much beloved. Beloved by her elder sister and a legion of friends.

So here I am, jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. I think it's going to be fun. I'll still be here, taking breaks and watching movies. I'm hoping to track down a few more of Dorothy's films. I've still got that Fifty Years, Fifity Films thing to do...


Tinky said…
As you know, I love frying pans and fires so I think this is just fab. Can't wait to monitor your progress......

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