Paramount Pretties #4

Nita Naldi
The favored co-star of Rudolph Valentino, Nita Naldi reigned as one of Paramount's featured vamps for a very short period from 1922 to 1924. During her short and potent film career Nita vamped with and for the best of them. A pitiful number of films in which Nita was featured survive. Happily one of her very best is Blood and Sand with Valentino. Her deliciously wicked turn as Dona Sol is ever delightful, she chews up the scenery and Valentino with relish.
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Tinky said…
This is a great picture; it makes her look like a real prson, which many movie photos don't.
Don't know much about her, except she co-starred with Valentino. Why was her career so short???
Donna said…
Vamping was old hat and out of fashion, really. Nita also was typcast, so it's no surprise her film career was so short.
Nita made films from 1920 to about 1927. Her career at Paramount was only 2 years. Her film with Alfred Hitchcock is on the top of lost films, not for her, but for Hitch. I'd still love to see it, incongruous as it is, a backwoods school teacher in Kentucky. Shot in Germany of all places!
Anonymous said…
Excited to hear about the new website. Please post as soon as it is up and running.

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