Restored Metropolis to Screen in San Francisco

Fritz Lang's seminal 1927 film Metropolis has been restored using footage located in an archive in Argentina. This new footage adds about 20 minutes to the film.
The restored film was screened in Los Angeles last weekend during the TCM - Turner Classic Movies Film Festival. All reports have been fabulous on what the footage added to the film.
Happy news for the Northern California film geeks, Metropolis will be screened at the 15th Annual San Francisco Silent Film Festival. As with the TCM screening, the Alloy Orchestra will play the film live. Oh, and I'm not trying to be snooty, the SF Silent Film Festival attracts film mavens from around the world. Everyone is welcome! I'm just super lucky, I live here.
The trailer for the restored film can be seen here. KINO will be releasing this film on DVD and on Blu-Ray.


Brad Fallon said…
does anyone know when the restored 1927 "Metropolis" is going to be released on DVD?
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