Silents Onward

From the silent era onward through the 1950's, as I watch them, I'll cover them here.
I can be an imperious snob about films and, alternatively, very indulgent about the worst dreck to hit the silver sheet since The Great Train Robbery of 1903. One suspects that what will follow will be a grand mix of the two.
It is no secret amongst my friends that I love movies, in particular, old classic movies. Not that I need another hobby, I don't, really I do not. What I do need is another outlet with regard to my views on classic and old, but not so classic films. Hence, Strictly Vintage Hollywood.

In addition to old films, I adore the psuedo-classic architecture shown in films. This also includes real life architecture ranging from classic and grand movie palaces (sadly so few survive) and the grand palaces that dot Hollywood and Brentwood where the stars lived and played. I plan on highlighting some of that here. It's a rich era, fascinating and fun.

It may be a solitary adventure, but movies are always fun to share with friends.
I initially thought to begin with Cecil B. De Mille's 1934 delicious pre-code Cleopatra with Claudette Colbert and that hunk of catnip to the pre-code fans, Warren William? I got distracted, of course, Warren William as Julius Caesar is shown above and is a preview of coming attractions.


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